Cyndie Belhumeur questions sensitive representations of an ever-evolving volume of information. Using different approaches and mediums, she plays with accumulation, density, intimacy and overload of information to draw invisible links between virtual and real. She pushes back notions of limits and exchanges between physical and digital aspects as well as the changes that this relationship arouses in our understanding of the world. Cyndie aims to overwhelm the spectator presenting a multitude of intertwined elements by using multiple images, superimpositions and a variety of mediums,. With these, she attempts to arouse a variety of interpretations, even opposing ones: organic and psychic, harmonized and chaotic and disturbing.

Cyndie Belhumeur is a multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. Her most recent installative work will be shown in three upcoming solo exhibitions at Centre MATERIA (Quebec City, 2019), Galerie Les Trois C (Montreal, 2020) and Cultural Centre of Université de Sherbrooke (2020). Recently and following up her participation to montrealer festival 'Vue sur la relève’, Massivart presented her work in Toronto. She collaborated with the band Random Recipe and created an immersive installation featured in their music video and the corpus was also exhibited at Galerie C.O.A. in Montreal. Besides this, and since 2015, Cyndie has been painting large scale murals with MU, City of Montreal, Caravanserail, Wall to Wall (Winnipeg) and Massivart.


Montréal, 2019.


Cyndie Belhumeur 2018